Our Executive Search Process

Our Search Process is predicated on the premise that we work collaboratively with you, our client, to achieve the kind of success that makes you stronger and better in your market place.

At Bach Associates, we believe that maintaining continuing communication with our clients is the foundation to building rapport, trust and the kind of constructive partnership that gets stellar results.

We are extremely committed to what we do and passionate about how we do it – that’s why we guarantee our work.

The following is an outline of our process and a preview of how we work:

  1. Planning
  2. Candidate Identification
  3. Candidate Evaluation
  4. Final Selection
  5. Integration and Follow Up

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated to helping you identify and hire the candidate who best meets the needs of your organization. Our search process is structured to ensure that we minimize the risk of an unsuccessful hire, by relying on thorough candidate evaluation and reference checking in relation to the selection criteria and candidate profile.

If however the successful candidate should leave your organization within the first twelve months of employment for other than health reasons, we will reactivate the search process and provide a replacement at no additional cost other than out-of-pocket expenses, incurred during our renewed recruiting activities.

Our Commitment to You

We complete every search assignment and continue working on each project until you are satisfied.

Executive Search is the exclusive focus of our job and that’s why we give your hiring needs our complete attention and the dedicated focus that it deserves.

Our reputation is built on one successfully completed search after another and the ultimate test – customer satisfaction!