Candidate Evaluation

Candidates selected for further consideration are considered to be our “long-list” candidates and they are given in-depth face to face interviews, to further assess their suitability for the role and compatibility with our clients' corporate culture, but most importantly to ascertain whether the individual’s goals and objectives are in alignment with our clients' business objectives.

We also use a list of evaluation factors, customized to reflect the professional and interpersonal skills required for the role.

Our expertise in assessment, considerable experience, extensive database and latest technology, enables us to bring these individuals expeditiously to our client's attention.

We then discuss these individuals with our clients and move to short-listing the very best candidates.

This is where we do extensive reference checking to verify, work history, strengths, desirable characteristics, suitability and confirm past achievements and their ability to handle similar challenges and business issues, relevant to our client’s organization.

Our clients are presented with a detailed final report covering off the entire search process, our findings and comprehensive details on the “short-list” candidates.