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If I ever had to get married again, I’d hire Leora to find the right spouse. Her attention to detail and her intense interest in both the Client’s and the Candidate’s needs has resulted in three excellent Executive additions to my former team.

She was concerned enough to come all the way from North America of her own volition to present Candidates to me in Vietnam!

Leora is a clever lady with a great personality and a good dollop of women’s intuition.

The world needs more professional Executive Headhunters like her!

Charles Barclay

Former Chief Operating Officer, Olympus Pacific Minerals Limited

Surely one of the most important things in the interview process is caring about both the Candidate and the Client, a quality Leora has in spades.

This coupled with her innate curiosity, a punishing work ethic, and just being fun to be around easily made her my Headhunter of choice.

Leora’s hand-picked Candidates were standout choices in a really tough market, where attracting and retaining Executive talent was immensely difficult.

So to hear of this book, more timely than ever in today’s job market, just underlines all of those marvelous qualities.

Then comes the hours and hours paid at the coalface of working in the Executive Search industry and thousands of interviews later to earn those hard won insights we’d all love to get.

Well, here they are! Enjoy these insights from someone at the very top of her game!

Richard Bolleurs

Former, Financial Director, Komatsu South Africa, Subsidiary of Anglo American

I am not surprised Leora has written a book providing Candidates an in depth understanding of the “Executive Search Process” and more specifically “How to Ace their C-Suite Interview.”

In many cases, Candidates seeking new career opportunities are doing so following the interruption of a career and find themselves in an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear.

Leora has an incredible understanding of people, specifically in this very personal and unsettling time in the Candidates’ lives. Her ability to empathize with Candidates and her vast experience in finding “the right Candidates” for Corporate Clients are invaluable to both parties.

She never loses sight of the fact that to be successful, both the Candidate and the Company must win!

I have the unique experience of having had both her assistance and guidance while I personally sought career change as well as her expertise in finding Candidates to fill key roles within the organization I worked for.

She provides successful solutions to challenging situations and conducts her “Search Criteria” to the highest professional standards possible.

Fred Nelson

Director of Operations, The Wood Group

I have had the fortunate experience of being associated with Leora for many years, both as a Candidate and a Client. I am delighted that she is now sharing her extensive knowledge and insights with you in Ace Your C-Suite Interview.

Leora guided me as I embarked on an interview for my first C-Suite role, ensuring that I fully understood her Client’s needs and the culture of the organization. By investing time and effort to get to know me, both as a professional and an individual, and to fully understand the Client’s needs, Leora ensured that the result would be a “win” for Client and Candidate.

This approach was replicated when I was the Client looking for the right Candidate. Another “win-win” result!

One of the key attributes of a great recruiting result is the “fit” between Client and Candidate.

Understanding the needs and culture of the organization, the style and skills of the Candidate, and getting the right combination is where Leora excels.

I am confident that her insights will prove invaluable as you move into your next C-Suite role.

W. Alan Ahlgren, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary, Graphite One Resources, Inc.

Leora shows a great level of discernment whether you are a candidate or a client. She can help you immensely with achieving the results you are looking for.

David Kwok

Chief Financial Officer, LiteLink Technologies Inc. (CSE: LLT)

Leora helped me recruit high-level executives, including a Corporate CFO and a Vice-President of Business Development, as well as several mining specialists for different managerial functions at our mine site in Panama. What impressed me most, from the beginning, was Leora’s interest in understanding the Company’s culture, values, organization, and modus operandi, meeting our people and “walking the site” to truly understand the requirements of a particular job before initiating a search.

From that initial stage, Leora would design a work plan to cover all possible search options (geographic regions, languages, Company cultures) and would diligently execute until several ideal Candidates were identified. Her profiling of each short-listed Candidate was thorough and well-structured, comparatively analyzing weaknesses and strengths in a very objective manner.

The end result of Leora’s approach and commitment to each mission consistently exceeded our expectations and helped us build a strong team, from accountants to mine managers.

I have never been on the other side, i.e. a Candidate, but can tell that Leora’s Ace Your C-Suite Interview is as intelligently structured and helpful as her headhunting expertise.

Joao C. Manuel

Chief Executive Officer, Petaquilla Minerals Ltd

During a darker time of a difficult career situation a few years ago when I felt I was at the bottom, Leora provided me that voice that came without any personal agenda or political spin that I could trust. She provided a flat wall that I could bounce ideas off with complete openness.

She has always shown content expertise, emotional intelligence, a willingness to connect, honesty in assessment, and an ego-free launching pad.

I am thrilled Leora is releasing a book of her experiences and expertise that I will always look upon as transformational.

You will read about how to address challenges in a clear and methodical way and learn the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally. Buy it, you will not regret it.

Kelly Grant

Independent Senior IT Security Specialist

Leora has an eye for exceptional talent and a natural ease of helping to present it in a manner so that all will recognize it. This is a talent in its own right that comes from extensive experience and a dedication rooted in a passion for one’s work.

Perhaps it is her possession of that passion that allows her to easily identify it in others.
Many times, as professionals with a lifetime of experience focused on our respective fields, we forget how to sell ourselves, and it is difficult to understand why others may not recognize that we are the best Candidate for a role.

Leora’s strength is in guiding skilled Candidates through the process of distilling their talents and bringing them to the surface so that they are readily apparent to a potential employer.

Matt Melnyk

Chief Geologist, Bullion Exploration Inc.

I have known Leora Bach for 17 years, and she has always been a shining light for me when it comes to her Integrity, Coaching, and her ability to exhaustively research positions to find the best incumbent, complete with meticulous reports to ensure successful interviews.

If she puts someone forward, I know that this is the best person for the role, and she has also made sure that the Candidate fits the Corporate Culture. Her mentorship of the incumbent cuts to the chase and removes the inefficiencies of the interview process.

With this background, her giving us the Secrets in her book Ace Your C-Suite Interview will not only help the Candidate come across at their best, but ensure the Company gets the best Executive for the position. Everyone in the C-Suite must read this book!

Roland Vetter

Chief Financial Officer, Conventus Energy

As CEO of a junior mining Company, I needed to hire our first CFO, and Leora came highly recommended to assist.

Our tall order was to find, with a tight budget in the midst of a rising commodity boom, an entrepreneurial, broadly experienced, self-starter with strong resource experience who could build the position from the ground up and fit into our team.

She deftly guided us through a global search process, minimized our distractions, culled bright-looking prospects who dimmed with reference and background checks and delivered with outstanding success.

This experience, and others that followed, proved to me that Leora Bach is the “go to” resource for Executive Search.

Doug Smith

Former President, CEO & Director, First Coal Corporation

When I first called Leora out of the blue, she immediately made helping my career a priority and gave so much of her time.

Leora’s sincere desire to coach and unwavering commitment to see me through to landing a stellar position is something I won’t ever forget!

I cannot thank her enough for all her help and encouragement!

Cameron MacKenzie

Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

My email to Leora when I heard about this book was:

“I can’t think of a better person to be providing this information. Everyone who’s worked with you knows you’re a star – now the world will as well”.

Leora’s guidance won me a plum position when we met in the early 90s, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Her knowledge of the executive interview process is vast.

She’s seen and heard it all, and she understands the nuances and subtleties of managing the Interviewer personalities as well as making a position-winning presentation. She’s like a ship’s pilot who comes aboard and guides the billion dollar vessel through complex waters to a successful landing.

John H. Dawe, CFA

Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Treasurer, KonaRed Corporation

In 2008, Leora approached me to see if I was interested in the position of “Group Metallurgist” at Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc. in Vietnam. Following discussions with Leora, it became clear to me that the position was a very good fit for my qualifications.

Leora made sure she understood my expectations for the position and provided invaluable feedback liaising with the Client on my behalf. This ultimately resulted in a successful job interview.

Leora not only helped me in securing the position at Olympus Pacific, but has also followed up with me for feedback so that she can continue to offer the best assistance possible for future Candidates.

Erik Devuyst

Former Group Metallurgist, Olympus Pacific Minerals Ltd.

I have the absolute honor and privilege to have known Leora firstly as a Candidate after I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991 and then as our exclusive Headhunter from 1992 through to 1995.

Leora was retained by our Company to assist us with a startup where she was personally responsible for hiring in excess of 130 people, across multiple levels of staff in every category of skills – right up to the Executive level

Initially, this was all under immense pressure while the business got off the ground. There was no room for error. We needed to employ the right people quickly. From my perspective, it was a no brainer to contract with her based on my personal experience. What a star!

Leora was a true mentor to me when I applied for a position in 1991. This was critical to ensure Client and Candidate needs were aligned. She was clear with Client’s needs and how to deal with the interview process.

I have known Leora for 24 years, and I still call on her for advice even though we are both living on opposite sides of the globe. This book will no doubt be a best seller!

Richard Biesheuvel

Ex CEO Games Africa (Pty) Ltd, Current Group Executive Project Management Coffey International Ltd

It will happen to you. Sooner or later, your manager, perhaps at no fault of your own, will have that surreal conversation with you that will leave you speechless. “Greg, I am here to discuss your transition”.

A few hours or days will pass and, as many people do, you will look to friends, colleagues, self-help books and seminars for career direction on your next steps.

My advice – hire Leora Bach, Professional Career Coach.

After reading Leora’s book, Ace Your C-Suite Interview, I took the chance and e-mailed Leora via LinkedIn hoping she could recommend someone for career coaching as I was not at the C-Suite level.

Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail back and within 48 hours of my request to Leora, we were on a phone call discussing my situation.

Leora is a very seasoned and professional career coach that will help you find your positive traits and attributes to land you your next job.

I found Leora to be extremely patient, genuine and a very good listener. Her guidance helped me land a position with a great company.

I am very pleased to have made the effort and investment with Leora and I urge anyone in a similar position to reach out to Leora!

Greg Ziff

Director, Total Rewards-Center of Expertise/HR Architect-Stanford Health Care, San Francisco Bay Area

I met Leora a couple years ago when I was going through a transition in my career. I had taken early retirement and was reflecting on my life.

Her approach to the interview process revitalized my spirit and helped me to focus on the successes of my career and the fact that I still had significant value to contribute to the industry.

The mining industry is all about people; Leora’s great people skills made the interview very exciting. She skillfully and comfortably draws out an individual’s strengths and weakness and builds focus by helping to make these attributes all of value in approaching the job market.

She takes the time to be thorough and has tremendous listening and comprehension skills. I had 37 years of experiences to share. This one interview experience made me recognize I was not ready to retire.

It is with thanks, honor, and respect that I provide this testimonial for Leora Bach. Taking time to share her experience in her book Ace Your C-Suite Interview is a true reflection of her spirit to the people she has met and influenced, and will be of great value to those she will meet as you read her book.

Lloyd E. Metz

Executive Vice President, Ram River Coal Corp.

Leora Bach is the consummate professional. She comes to each meeting fully prepared and versed in the Candidates she is presenting, the market she is serving, and the position she needs to fill. Her keen understanding of people gives her the ability to match not just credentials with a position but also the right personality with the Company.

I was very impressed with her knowledge of our industry and with the Candidates she was able to attract. Even in a stressful and difficult situation with last minute scheduling changes on an international trip, she managed to ensure that the interviews ran smoothly and the trip was a success.

Leora works very hard at what she does, and she is truly committed to doing the best she can for her Clients.

Julie Van Baarsen, CA

Former CFO, Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.

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