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My intention is that you, as my Coaching Client, will be able to handle any interview question asked of you, confidently and professionally, and feel good about it.

If you are interested, in finding out more about our one-on-one Private Coaching Program, contact me to schedule a complimentary strategy session.

I will coach you in a way that is best for you, and it will be specific and proprietary to your needs.

The purpose of our interaction is to keep your focus on your desired outcome and to coach you to take action and keep moving forward.

I coach by helping people enhance their skills, tackle their fears head-on, and overcome whatever is holding them back.

Teaching you to Ace one particular interview is not my objective; but giving you the tools and guidance to Ace any interview is!

If you would like to go deeper and feel that you need the accountability and impetus to move your Career, further, faster, then consider, One-On-One Career Coaching.

I cover all of the following events and situations from Job loss, Outplacement Counselling, Career Transition and Ascendency, to Onboarding and becoming successful in your new Position.

Our Career Coaching covers all the following Topics:

  • Addressing and overcoming any limiting beliefs you may have about the Job Search or your Career in general.
  • Building a Strategy to approach your next Job Search.
  • In-depth discussion about what Hiring Companies really want and how to position yourself as;
  • The best Candidate for the role, for your desired “target companies” and positions within those companies.
  • Finding out what your particular strengths are, capitalizing on those strengths, and minimizing your weaknesses.
  • Discovering what Corporate Cultural you fit best into.
  • Listing your accomplishments and showcasing your talents to present yourself as an outstanding Candidate.
  • Handling difficult interview questions professionally and confidently, without getting “rattled.”
  • The difference between the various Interviewing Professionals; such as HR Managers, Contingency Recruiters, and Retained Executive Search Consultants; and how working with each of them affects you, and more specifically, your chances of getting the position that you want.
  • How to prepare for every phase of the Job Search.
  • Social Media and how to present yourself to best advantage on it.
  • Preparation for different types of interviews:
  1. Telephone
  2. Skype
  3. In-person, face-to-face interviews
  4. Panel interviews
  • What you need to do after your interview – The importance of saying “thank you” and what you should say in your “thank you” notes.
  • References – How to get your references to champion you and be your biggest advocates.
  • Deciding whether to take the job or not, and how to evaluate the Company.
  • Understanding the importance of Corporate Culture and how a “miss fit” will completely sabotage your success.
  • Negotiating a Compensation Package.
  • Onboarding and how to be super successful in your next position.
  • Post-mortems of past interviews.
  • Role Playing and in-depth preparation for your upcoming interviews.

Nothing compares to a One-On-One Coaching Session, with me, where we focus exclusively on Your Specific Needs.

I have a very different background to most Recruiters, who either have Sales or Human Resources experience. 

My background is quite unique in the Search Industry. I’m a CPA by Profession with both Public Practice experience as an Auditor and Consulting experience in a major Consulting Firm. In the course of my work; I inevitably worked with senior Executives in a variety of Companies across many Industries.  

These experiences gave me an excellent understanding of Business and how great companies operate. It is this Business Acumen and Perspective that I bring to every Coaching session that my Clients have with me. It helps me to truly understand what work they do and the Industry in which they work.

In addition I have supplemented that experience with more than 20 years as an Executive Headhunter and have conducted more than twenty thousand interviews to date. 

Furthermore as a Retained Search Professional I sat in on hundreds of Panel Interviews, (with Search Committees) where I, as the Facilitator saw firsthand how Candidates performed under pressure. Some fell apart, while others were exceptionally good. I learnt from all of them!

I watched in “real-time” and got my feedback directly, as it was unfolding. This experience made me realize that there are no accidents. People don’t get “lucky” in an Interview. 

The Candidates, who rose to the level of Superstars, consistently did well, and their secret lay in their preparation!

Over the years, I watched, learnt more, honed my skills and this knowledge I distilled into the Coaching sessions that my Private Clients get when they hire my services.

Book a private One-On-One Coaching Session with me – where you’ll be able to have your most urgent and pressing problems with your Career or Job Search Addressed.

I have helped hundreds of people, who were overwhelmed and stuck, move from despair to getting the job that they wanted. Like Henry, who I mention in “Ace Your C-Suite Interview”.

Henry came to me after he’d been without work for more than a year. His severance had run out and he was truly depressed and under pressure to replace his income as soon as possible. He was a more mature Candidate and lamented that there were no opportunities or jobs for him, because of his age. He even told me that no head-hunter would even see him, because of his age.

I empathized with his situation, but ignored his argument that he was in this position because of his age. I told him that Companies hire people because of what they have to offer and what they can bring to the table. We worked on his Mindset and I continually spoke to him about what he had to offer by way of his education, experience and excellent track record.

As we focused more on the positives; Henry in due course forgot about his age and within 4 months – he literally had 3 confirmed Job Offers, each one offering more money and opportunities than he had ever had before!

There are many examples of Candidates who felt that the world was collapsing in on them, and they all had different issues, like John, who as a Chief Geologist had done some of the most amazing work for his Company, but it was a small company, who could not afford to keep him and eventually he was let go.

When John came to me, he was working two menial jobs, just to put food on the table and provide for his family. He also had no idea how incredibly great and remarkable his background and more specifically his experience was…. You see John had worked for this small company, for many years; throughout his University years and thereafter while he studied for his Master’s Degree, as well as several years afterwards.
He was paid well below the market value for his qualifications and experience; but he had absolutely no idea that this was the case. I felt that John could do so much better for himself and took him on as one of my Coaching Clients.

When I take on a Coaching Client; I do a very deep dive into their background and go through every aspect of their career and prior work experience with a fine toothed comb.

I do this in order to find out what their unique abilities and strengths are, and we build on these competencies to showcase the Candidates’ great expertise. These are the very skills and talents that Companies want to hire, but sadly most people have no idea how to uncover and showcase their greatest Strengths.

What was even more remarkable, and what stood out for me was that as I coached John, I found out that he had identified three specific “Discoveries” in the Gold Mining Industry where he worked.

Now you might not be familiar with the Gold Mining Industry, but even for a lay person, it does not take much to realize, that a “Discovery” literally means; “finding Gold” and depending on the quality of the Gold ore; it could mean an enormous trove of wealth for that Company. Miners absolutely LIVE for this!

Over the course of several years, John made Three “Discoveries” – Yielding a Total Value of over $10 Billion Dollars!

I was mortified! I looked again at his Resume; there wasn’t one single word that even mentioned this…..Then I asked John what he had received for these “Discoveries” – he became very quiet…. I asked him again, and he answered simply; “nothing – it was my job”.

I was simply heart-broken for him, and I know that in that very quiet moment, he realized that he had been used…So I doubled up my efforts to make sure that he knew how amazingly great he was!

More importantly, I asked him, if he thought that somewhere out there, (in the market place, at another mining company) – there was a CEO who would have paid a “Premium” for a Candidate like him?

John just smiled and said quietly; “I don’t know”, – He had never even given himself the chance to think about it; because when I coached him, he was in survival mode and living paycheck to paycheck.

What John was experiencing, is often referred to as “situational depression” when one is so filled with despair that you can’t see your way out of your situation.

When one is in this space it’s impossible to be visualizing great opportunities, setting goals and focusing on taking the right action and working towards them. One simply doesn’t have the foresight or energy to do it…

BUT I knew his worth and I inculcated into him, how much he had to offer and that there was the right position out there… for him; in a Major Corporation, reporting directly to the CEO or a Senior Executive Team, who would revere his skills and feel so fortunate to have him!

Fast-forward several months… John found a Senior position, working for a Major Mining Company, heading up a Division, whose Mandate is to oversee “New Discoveries”.

It’s been a few years since I coached him. He’s thriving! Working for a Company that can afford to pay him, what he deserves and what he’s worth; doing a Job that he loves!

I love telling this story, because of all my Coaching Clients, John’s experience with working with a Career Coach literally changed his life!

Most of my Coaching Clients cannot see their true value and have no idea, “how to sell themselves” or “showcase their Strengths, amazing Expertise and often unusual or unique Experience”, and these are the very things that a Company is looking for in a New Hire and would gladly pay a Premium for.

My Coaching Clients come to me with all kinds of challenges and different issues, because we are all unique. Private, One-on-One Coaching with an experienced Career Coach will give you the insight that you cannot see on your own.

Based on my past experience, I know exactly what Companies are looking for in a new Hire, and because of my specific expertise, I know how to “polish that Diamond in the rough” and showcase, a Coaching Client’s Talents, Education, Qualification and Unique Experience and Expertise; even when they themselves can’t see it!

So the Questions you need to ask yourself are: When is it going to Be My Turn? Am I going to Invest in myself? If not now, when?

I know that you deserve this and I also know that even One Coaching Call with me can make a significant difference to your Career or even helping you get back on track.
There is not an aspect of Career Coaching, Strategy or Development, that I have not had experience in – and there is no doubt in my mind that I can help you with whatever challenge you are facing.
Do this for yourself, working with me will be one of the best decisions, you’ve ever made. You’ll wonder why you never did it before. I love Coaching and would love to work with you. Let’s see what we can accomplish together!
I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

Select Which Option Is Best For You Below:

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It will happen to you. Sooner or later, your manager, perhaps at no fault of your own, will have that surreal conversation with you that will leave you speechless. “Greg, I am here to discuss your transition”.

A few hours or days will pass and, as many people do, you will look to friends, colleagues, self-help books and seminars for career direction on your next steps.

My advice – hire Leora Bach, Professional Career Coach.

After reading Leora’s book, Ace Your C-Suite Interview, I took the chance and e-mailed Leora via LinkedIn hoping she could recommend someone for career coaching as I was not at the C-Suite level.

Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail back and within 48 hours of my request to Leora, we were on a phone call discussing my situation.

Leora is a very seasoned and professional career coach that will help you find your positive traits and attributes to land you your next job.

I found Leora to be extremely patient, genuine and a very good listener. Her guidance helped me land a position with a great company.

I am very pleased to have made the effort and investment with Leora and I urge anyone in a similar position to reach out to Leora!

Greg Ziff

Director, Total Rewards-Center of Expertise/HR Architect-Stanford Health Care, San Francisco Bay Area

When I first called Leora out of the blue, she immediately made helping my career a priority and gave so much of her time.

Leora’s sincere desire to coach and unwavering commitment to see me through to landing a stellar position is something I won’t ever forget!

I cannot thank her enough for all her help and encouragement!

Cameron MacKenzie

Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

Leora has an eye for exceptional talent and a natural ease of helping to present it in a manner so that all will recognize it. This is a talent in its own right that comes from extensive experience and a dedication rooted in a passion for one’s work.

Perhaps it is her possession of that passion that allows her to easily identify it in others.
Many times, as professionals with a lifetime of experience focused on our respective fields, we forget how to sell ourselves, and it is difficult to understand why others may not recognize that we are the best Candidate for a role.

Leora’s strength is in guiding skilled Candidates through the process of distilling their talents and bringing them to the surface so that they are readily apparent to a potential employer.

Matt Melnyk

Chief Geologist, Bullion Exploration Inc.

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